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Hi, Lillian here, with a little background on music and my life.

My love of music started early, when in June 1936 l took Preparatory Grade Piano Exam with the Victoria College of Music and passed with Distinction. I went on to take most of my Grades but illness and The Second World War stopped lessons.
After the War came my marriage, family, and work. Always music was in my life going to see an Opera or Ballet and the Big Bands. Later in life l joined The Hammond Organ Society in Southport meeting Doreen Sheard and her husband, chairman and chairlady of the Hammond Society. This got me into the Organ Scene, though I did have a small organ from Woolworth’s as a child. ln 1977 Doreen told me there was an evening teaching Job going at Rushworth’s Music Shop, so I applied and was lucky enough to get offered the job. Rushworth’s was just embarking on Group teaching. I really enjoyed working in this quite large music shop. Where Doreen was teaching too.
As I also had my Day job working on accounts at our local Electricity Board, going straight to Rushworth's three nights a week, to teach piano and organ then getting the last train back home to Formby. Then I had to walk to the road before the beach on cold winter nights. After a while I decided to buy my first organ a Panasonic and started teaching from my home. Putting many children and some adults through the Victoria College Exams.
Then in 1990 the Victoria College had their centenary and they awarded me with an Honorary Degree for exceptional teaching achievement, which I was honoured to receive, so now l could write Hon. VCM. CT. after my name.
For a good few years I had the use of the entertainment room over the Police Station in Southport once a month, we had about 50 members parents, grand parents and children putting on concerts and a music quiz. So one night we had the honour of Peter Hayward playing for us. This brought me another valued music friendship. I had also got interested in creative writing and had some articles and poems printed. One of my poems in a book called Everlasting Dreams printed in America.
In 1995 I started writing in the Techplus magazine, thanks to Gareth Lewis as he started the magazine. ln 1996 I was lucky enough to cover the 9th TMA World Music Festival in Canada, which was held in the city of Calgary, so now l was hooked on both writing, and music. Sadly when Panasonic hived off the Technics Musical lnstruments the Techplus magazine closed down after being in print for 18 years. lt was then I started writing for our own Keyboard Cavalcade Magazine.
So after 77 years I have still helped some young people through A level music and put senior students through the Nationwide Music Exams. My last pupil a lady of 76 years who had a slight stroke last year and still wanted to go ahead with her grade 8 Keyboard Exam - with the Nationwide Music Exams. She got her certificate (85 out of 100) with a merit, 15 out of 15 of those marks for knowing all the techniques of her Keyboard. I try to put music across in a simple, straight forward way and, just as important, in a fun way as possible so people have the fun and joy of music for life. It is what I enjoy doing. So you will find me in the Keyboard Cavalcade, "Keeping music simple' but fun.

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