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CD/DVD Reviews.  I lived in Woking, Surrey until the age of ten, before moving to Bransgore in Dorset (after a year in Chippenham, Wiltshire) and at this time my parents bought me my first organ; a Baldwin Howard Skyline 244. I quickly moved from the Baldwin to a Yamaha B75-N (which I used with a Logan String Machine for a time) and from this I moved to the ‘mighty’ Yamaha D65, although by this time my interest had moved into other areas and the D65 was supplemented by a DX7 synth, Teisco monophonic synth & Korg drum machine. 

After leaving school in 1983 I had a few jobs including a brief spell at Eddie Moors Music in Boscombe, Dorset in 1984. I joined my father Gerry in the music engraving business in 1988 and was one of the first people in the UK to use Coda “Finale” scorewriting package (which we are still using today).

We had a few years break from organs when we moved to Wales in 1988 (via Ferndown in Dorset where we lived for a few years). We then bought various organs, including a Technics E66, a Yamaha EL90, a Technics G100 and even a 1937/1938 Hammond Concert E which was originally installed in Canterbury Cathedral during World War II. Our latest organ is a Wersi Spectra, but my main instruments now are keyboards including a Korg M3 and a CVP-307 piano.

In 1996 we started a mail-order business selling books, CDs and videos/DVDs of organ & keyboard music. This business is still running on two websites; and the newer

In 1998 I produced a CD of original material called “Lines in the Sand” and a matching music book of the pieces arranged for organ. The pieces were picked from various compositions I had recorded from 1983-1998. One of the earliest pieces was a jazz waltz called “Jazzmine” which I wrote when I was sixteen and which was recorded by Peter Hayward in 1984 and published in Organ Player magazine (which later became Keyboard Player).

I am getting back into recording via my home studio. I write easy-listening instrumental keyboard music using a Korg M3, a Yamaha Motif-Rack XS and various other keyboards and modules. I record my material using Logic Pro for Mac.

My latest release is "The Lone Tree EP" which is available on iTunes and Amazon 


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