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A professional musician for over forty years in the UK, before emigrating (and semi-retiring) to be near to his daughter and grandchildren, Peter has been a regular monthly contributor to Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade since its conception, his popular article covering all aspects of keyboard music. 

He has indeed written many successful books on music : his motto being “Professional Tips - Just for Fun - All explained in plain English - No Jargon”.

It is this down to earth philosophy that has made him a popular figure at the Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade Festivals, where he is always happy to share his musical knowledge, gathered over a lifetime.

Peter now lives in Sweden, where he is actively engaged with various choirs, concerts and regular radio broadcasts, featuring many of the forty plus recordings which he has made over the years.

He is also a regular contributor to YouTube, and his Hayward Music channel has received many thousands of hits, both for his concert film clips and his tuition tips and ideas, which have become very popular.

Several of these music clips feature tuition and melodies that have been published in Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade magazine. So now you can listen to the music, before turning to the magazine to try it out for yourself.

Many titles in Peter’s famous ‘Play Better’ series of books are still available worldwide, from The Music People (UK) and several of his CD’s are available from The

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